What Is Your Child’s Label?

The Gross Motor Functional Classification System or GMFCS is a new label applied to children with cerebral palsy and like all systems of classification, it has benefits and hazards. Person […]

Three R’s of Baby Brain Neuroplasticity

The working title of my new book is The Boy Who Could Run But Not Walk: How Neuroplasticity Rewires the Young Brain due out in September 2016. My final manuscript […]

Adult Neuroplasticity Explained

A team led by Neil and Liz Losin at Day’s Edge Productions created this educational piece. (Day’s Edge Productions) I think it is particularly useful for older children and teenagers […]

Neuroplasticity in Cerebral Palsy

From Rat to Monkey, Brains Recover Baby Animal Brains Recover Better Adult Human Brains Recover Baby Human Brains Do Not Recover? The baby orangutan and the baby human are in […]

Better Through Play-Don’t Waste the Summer

The neuropsychology and education worlds are telling us that unstructured play is important for brain growth and development. Play challenges the child’s brain and a very different way than organized […]