What Do You See?

Look to the right and it is obviously a rabbit; look to the left and it becomes a duck. This perceptual image is a great example how our brains actively […]

When is It Too Late for Changes in Speech?

How much change can you expect in a day or two? If you access the child’s neuroplasticity with a novel challenge, the change can be amazing. Listen to Oscar reading […]

What Can You Do With Half a Brain?

Infants and young children do surprisingly well after the surgical removal or disconnection of up to half of their brain. Most can talk, walk and even run. These exceptional children […]

Baby Brain Neuroplasticity

This diagram represents the relative size of a three-year-old brain compared to an 18-year-old brain. I picked a three-year-old brain because this is the age when most children are diagnosed […]

Ready For a Cure?

There is every reason to think that the next 10 years will bring more cures of cerebral palsy by either preventing or by treating the early brain damage that is […]

Does Your Child have ADHD?

You might be surprised to find that the diagnosis of ADHD relates to the child’s birthday. In a new study from Taiwan, the diagnosis of ADHD was more common in […]