On June 2, 2018 Dr. Karen Pape died after an 18-month battle with cancer. To the end, Karen sought out ways to advocate for improving the treatments available to children with early brain injuries. Now in its second year, the Dr. Karen Pape Program in Neuroplasticity at SickKids Hospital in Toronto is an ambitious and meaningful project through which to continue her work.

In her lifetime, Dr. Karen Pape started a revolution in the care of children with early brain injury. For decades, through her clinical practice and advocacy efforts she advanced widespread recognition that there is real hope for children with early brain injury—that they are capable of health and quality of life outcomes that were long thought impossible.

Over a 10-year period, in Karen Pape’s name, SickKids Hospital is building a world-leading program in neuroplasticity focused on transforming outcomes for infants and children affected by early brain injury. The Program is translating evidence-based research about neuroplasticity into leading-edge clinical care.

We hope you will join us by supporting this vital program. To date we have raised over one third of our $5.975 million goal. Together we can drive system-wide change and make a new standard of care available to children everywhere.

The Estate of Karen Pape is maintaining this site to preserve Karen’s work.
Her 2016 book, The Boy Who Could Run But Not Walk, is a good starting point for understanding
her approach to treating children with early brain and nerve injuries.

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