What Do I Do First?

This 4-year-old boy has Diplegia. His speech is clear, but he runs out of breath. This difficulty is NOT a brain problem, it is caused by trunk weakness. Putting him […]

Is This Good Enough? GMFCS Level III to V

Many parents, therapists and physicians would consider this boy’s function a therapeutic success. I do not! For children in GMFCS III to V, the long term studies have documented that […]

Body Growth Increases Spasticity

Spasticity in cerebral palsy becomes worse with body growth, BUT if you are prepared, the damage can be lessened. Birth to 4 years – The First Critical Period Between 2 […]

Back to Basics – Alignment Comes First

The basic rule “Alignment Comes First”, applies to hands as much as it does to the legs, yet in my experience, very few children with brachial plexus injury (BPI) and/or […]

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Facts About Growth and Recovery

The Good – The first 3 to 4 years are a period of active neuroplasticity in humans. Brain growth is explosive and there are many available neural networks. One of the best examples of early neuroplasticity is the exposure to language. If a child is raised hearing 2 or more languages, they are able to learn them all. In certain areas of Switzerland it is commonplace for children to be fluent […]