Demonstrating Brain Potential

In children with cerebral palsy, their early movement patterns are learned with a damaged, immature brain. It becomes their “normal” way of moving. When challenged to move differently, surprising things […]

Squeaky Shoes Change Habits

Novelty stimulates neuroplasticity. This delightful story was sent in by a terrific mother willing to challenge her son to overcome his tiptoe walking habit. see Luke’s action video below… Her Story: […]

Check Out This Interview!

Steve Paikin of TVO in Toronto recently interviewed me about The Boy Who Could Run But Not Walk. I appreciated this opportunity to talk about the revolutionary concept of […]

Neuroplasticity in Action

Habits are formed by repetition, whether it is learning the ABCs or walking, whatever you do, you learn to do better. If you walk badly, over time you will learn […]

What Do You See?

Look to the right and it is obviously a rabbit; look to the left and it becomes a duck. This perceptual image is a great example how our brains actively […]

Rewire Your Brain with a New Habit

If you do not know how the brain makes and replaces habits, you will waste a lot of therapy time and get less than optimal results. When a baby with […]