Kinesio Taping in Pediatrics

Kinesio Taping in Pediatrics : Fundamentals and Whole Body Taping by Patricia Martin, PT,CKTI and Audrey Yasukawa, MOT,OTR/L,CKTI Available at for $54.00 Make sure you get the 2nd Edition. This […]

Evidence and Art by Kimberly Barthel, OTR

I recommend this book for two audiences. For the practitioner dealing with children who have an early neurologic injury, this is an exciting and readable textbook that gives valuable insights […]

The Invisible Gorilla

The Invisible Gorilla: How Our Intuitions Deceive Us by Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons – New York: Crown Publishing Group, a division of Random House, 2009 Where is the invisible […]