The neuropsychology and education worlds are telling us that unstructured play is important for brain growth and development. Play challenges the child’s brain and a very different way than organized activities. In this interview, I talk about water exercise as fun, unstructured play that also helps develop the body.

This is a blog about Christine’s use of deep water jogging as a method of balance and gait training.

Deep Water Jogging for Gait Training

What are the benefits for “children of all ages” with cerebral palsy, brachial plexus injury or other early neurological problems? First off, it is fun in the water. Anyone with a movement problem can learn to move more independently in the water. Taking gravity away makes all the difference.

Independence for My Daughter

Water Exercise is Good for Most People

Deep water jogging…aka free play for children…has been shown to increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen muscles, increased flexibility and aid in weight loss. Now, you can go and spend significant dollars to do deep water jogging on an underwater treadmill, or you can get a Wet Vest and move about the pool freely. Quick disclaimer, I have no connection to the distributors or manufacturers of the Wet Vest! The able bodied can use a waist belt for water exercise, but the Vest is a better choice for those with a neurological problem.

My water program is a free download with more information about gait training in the water.

Basic Water Exercise Program

Used vests are often for sale on line…they are virtually indestructible…or order directly from You want to get the Wet Vest II for this program.

This video interview was done when I was in Vancouver presenting a talk at The Brain Development and Learning Conference, hosted by Dr. Adele Diamond. At the conference, the KidCareCanada Society also interviewed me. This is a terrific organization with a focus on early childhood development, presented in a visual format. Their website is packed with useful information.

Let Them Play :The best medicine for summer learning by Kristina Collins.

A comparison of the cardiovascular effects of treadmill running on land and in water. Google Deep Water Running in Google scholar for more.