Improving Hand Use

In the older child or teenager with established maladaptive habits, the task is to create new, more useful ways of using the hand(s). This is still possible, but it takes […]

What Do I Do First?

This 4-year-old boy has Diplegia. His speech is clear, but he runs out of breath. This difficulty is NOT a brain problem, it is caused by trunk weakness. Putting him […]

Demonstrating Brain Potential

In children with cerebral palsy, their early movement patterns are learned with a damaged, immature brain. It becomes their “normal” way of moving. When challenged to move differently, surprising things […]

Real, Not False Hope

There is a continuing controversy in pediatric neurorehabilitation about how much hope to give parents of a child with diagnosed brain damage. This interview gives my position, as well as […]

Can Therapeutic Riding Help?

I think this photo tells an important story. Riding a horse is a child-active therapy that has therapeutic benefits with documented improvements in postural control and balance. In my […]