Improving Hand Use

In the older child or teenager with established maladaptive habits, the task is to create new, more useful ways of using the hand(s). This is still possible, but it takes […]

Can Therapeutic Riding Help?

I think this photo tells an important story. Riding a horse is a child-active therapy that has therapeutic benefits with documented improvements in postural control and balance. In my […]

Is This Good Enough? GMFCS Level III to V

Many parents, therapists and physicians would consider this boy’s function a therapeutic success. I do not! For children in GMFCS III to V, the long term studies have documented that […]

When is It Too Late for Changes in Speech?

How much change can you expect in a day or two? If you access the child’s neuroplasticity with a novel challenge, the change can be amazing. Listen to Oscar reading […]

Does Your Child have ADHD?

You might be surprised to find that the diagnosis of ADHD relates to the child’s birthday. In a new study from Taiwan, the diagnosis of ADHD was more common in […]

Better Through Play-Don’t Waste the Summer

The neuropsychology and education worlds are telling us that unstructured play is important for brain growth and development. Play challenges the child’s brain and a very different way than organized […]

Revolutionize Your Approach To Therapy This Summer

Doing “more of the same harder” is unlikely to produce significant change. Why not try something new this summer? Traditionally, most doctors and therapists have focused their work on the […]

When Does Treatment Stop Being Research?

This is a critical question for the parents of any child with cerebral palsy or any other early neurologic injury. Why? “It is a research intervention, not covered by your […]