Set the Bar Higher

Recently, the father of a child with cerebral palsy asked me how to best discuss the recovery potential of his child. Here is the first part of his question. Q. […]

Expectation Changes Intelligence

Recently, I have had several questions about intelligence in children with cerebral palsy and other early neurologic injuries or diseases. The key issue is whether or not you believe that […]

Uncovering normal neurology

  Other video clips of Karen speaking: Karen at TEDx Winnipeg 2012 Habit Hides Recovery Babies with early brain damage or babies with BPI are the same. Primary movement patterns […]

Brachial Plexus Injury

Children with a C5-6 brachial plexus birth injury initially have difficulty raising their hand over their head. This young girl has the typical “lift your arm” posture. It is an early learned habit. Doing jumping jacks, she can easily elevate her shoulder. New skills demonstrate recovery masked by habit.

Cerebral Palsy

This young boy with left sided hemiplegia walks with a limp but runs well both with and without his AFO. His usual walk with a limp was learned early with the damaged, immature brain. It is more fluid run was learned later with the recovered, more mature brain.

Deep Water Jogging for Gait Training

Children with an early neurological problem learn their first movements with a damaged nervous system. Baby brains do recover, but it takes time. It is difficult to study the process […]