Neuroplasticity in Action

Habits are formed by repetition, whether it is learning the ABCs or walking, whatever you do, you learn to do better. If you walk badly, over time you will learn […]

What Do You See?

Look to the right and it is obviously a rabbit; look to the left and it becomes a duck. This perceptual image is a great example how our brains actively […]

What Can You Do With Half a Brain?

Infants and young children do surprisingly well after the surgical removal or disconnection of up to half of their brain. Most can talk, walk and even run. These exceptional children […]

Baby Brain Neuroplasticity

This diagram represents the relative size of a three-year-old brain compared to an 18-year-old brain. I picked a three-year-old brain because this is the age when most children are diagnosed […]

Three R’s of Baby Brain Neuroplasticity

The working title of my new book is The Boy Who Could Run But Not Walk: How Neuroplasticity Rewires the Young Brain due out in September 2016. My final manuscript […]

Neuroplasticity in Cerebral Palsy

From Rat to Monkey, Brains Recover Baby Animal Brains Recover Better Adult Human Brains Recover Baby Human Brains Do Not Recover? The baby orangutan and the baby human are in […]