Our children and teenagers are missing out on the revolution! Lifelong neuroplasticity means that our human brains can regrow new cells, repair damaged areas, reallocate brain resources and reorganize what works to restore function. All of these aspects of neuroplasticity have been demonstrated in the aging brain and largely integrated into best practice stroke management.

In the attached webcast, I talk with Mindy Silva, creator of the terrific educational site www.wiredondevelopment about how we can put some of this exciting new knowledge into therapy sessions. Enjoy!


  1. We need a Miracle
    Grandson was delivered by c section to late and went without oxygen for 16 minutes
    Mother had to have ER hysterectomy 2weeks later
    We have recently stayed at Lebonheur for 16 days
    His seizure treatment is working
    He has moderate brain damage
    He has feeding tube
    He is 7 months old
    Lebonheur diagnoised him with PAID Syndrome

    • I am so sorry to hear of your troubles with your daughter and grandson. It will be the start of a long journey.All the suggestions in my book about what to do in the early years…Chapter 11…will apply. The first priority has to be stabilizing the seizure disorder, but he should be starting rehabilitation as soon as he is stable enough.All our thoughts are with you in this difficult time.

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