Back to Basics – Alignment Comes First

The basic rule “Alignment Comes First”, applies to hands as much as it does to the legs, yet in my experience, very few children with brachial plexus injury (BPI) and/or […]

Evidence and Art by Kimberly Barthel, OTR

I recommend this book for two audiences. For the practitioner dealing with children who have an early neurologic injury, this is an exciting and readable textbook that gives valuable insights […]

Primary movement patterns explained

  Other video clips of Karen speaking: Karen at TEDx Winnipeg 2012 Habit Hides Recovery Babies with early brain damage or babies with BPI are the same. Uncovering normal neurology

Crawling: Normal, But Not Necessary

Most babies begin to crawl between the ages of 6 to 10 months. If a child has an early neurologic problem such as cerebral palsy or brachial plexus injury, both […]