I have been involved in the diagnosis and management of children with early neurological problems for more than 30 years. I have been part of the development of several technologies including Brain Ultrasound scanning in newborns, Threshold Electrical Stimulation (TES) and EMG Triggered Stimulation (ETS). I have travelled widely, teaching therapists and physicians how to use these technologies and the TASC Network approach to rehabilitation. My current project is writing a book about how baby brains recover from injury. The child is not a small adult and the baby is not a small child. Understanding the differences between the adult, mature brain and the immature brain offers new insights into how to help children with early injuries achieve their personal best.

The key components of change for both a peak performance athlete and a child with a neurologic injury are alignment, awareness, strength, fitness and skill training. We are all working to improve these components, but as I have visited rehabilitation centers around the world, I have noticed a wide variation in therapeutic approaches and use of technologies. What follows are some of the therapies and techniques that I have found useful. I hope these listings will grow as you write with your insights and experiences. If you find something that sounds interesting to you, please consult with your therapist and /or physician before starting any new program.


      Beyond Therapy

A New Way of  Thinking  About Recovery

I visited Atlanta’s Shepherd Center in early April to give a talk at their Spinal Cord Research Group.  One of the most memorable parts of that visit was my hours spent with the Beyond Therapy group. It is a unique program for people who want to go beyond the standard classification of “good enough”. This is truly a place for people who have plateaued with traditional therapy interventions and are still willing to do the work to reach a higher functional level.

The team is made up of highly motivated physical therapists, exercise physiologists, therapeutic exercise specialists and athletic trainers who together create individualized activity-based programs of strengthening and activity to optimize neurologic recovery. It was a real treat to see people using a full range of state-of-the-art exercise and mobility equipment as well as water exercise to achieve activity dependent neuroplasticity. The program is also available in Franklin, Tennessee.



Advanced Muscle Stimulators LLC

– Pia Stampe PT, DPT
Advanced Muscle Stimulators is now the distributor for Threshold electrical stimulation (TES), EMG Biofeedback, and the new EMG Triggered Stimulation (EMG+STIM or ETS). Read more about these technologies at www.advancedmusclestimulators.com
For general information, please call 1-877-427-2580, 585-427-2580 or sales@advancedmusclestimulators.com

Pia teaches a course on Brachial Plexus Injury treatment with Cindy Servello, MA, OT for Education Resources and also conducts workshops and on-line training for the above technologies. For more information visit http://www.pediatricpts.com or call 585-427-7610 or email office@pediatricpts.com


The Cerebral Palsy Alliance of Australia


Keep up to date with Cerebral Palsy Research and watch inspirational videos from the Cerebral Palsy Alliance of Australia.

The Cerebral Palsy Alliance of Australia provides an extremely useful email notification system. On a weekly basis, they send out the abstracts and comments as indexed in the NCBI PubMed (Medline) and Entrez (GenBank) databases. There is a simple registration form for this valuable, free resource at www.cpresearch.org/subscribe/researchnews and lots of interesting information on their website as well at www.cerebralpalsy.org.au

I was delighted with a series of 6 short videos of teens and adults with cerebral palsy talking about Achieving Your Goals, Building Confidence, Bullying, Everyday Challenges, Relationships and Personal Hopes.
The messages are powerful and well worth watching. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


The Canadian Pediatric Stroke Support Association (CPSSA)

The Canadian Paediatric Stroke Support Association (CPSSA) was founded in 2011 for children and their families impacted by paediatric stroke. The CPSSA is a joint effort between clinicians and families to build relationships and strengthen communication for the purpose of research, awareness, and support. It is the CPSSA’s vision to provide a compassionate community for Canadian families impacted by paediatric stroke.



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