Brains are not judgmental. The child’s brain is not able to distinguish between a normal movement and an abnormal movement. This means that if a child always moves in a maladaptive pattern, the brain will learn to do that movement more efficiently. This is activity dependent neuroplasticity. Their brains will learn to do bad better!

Parents should discuss with their therapists how to inhibit dysfunctional or maladaptive movements developing in the first 4 to 6 years of life. Depending on the severity of brain injury or maldevelopment of the brain, this may involve compression garments to support the truck, bracing, splinting, Kinesiotaping, and spasticity management in addition to any regular therapy program. To get the best results from any hands-on therapy method, the body has to be maintained in good alignment for the rest of the day until the child is strong enough to do it on their own.

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