This book is a must read for every family that has been affected by a neurological problem. It tells a fascinating story of the new science of neuroplasticity, using stories of real people to illustrate the breakthrough science that explains the problem with their brains. This is interesting enough, but the book goes farther and explains in easy to read, lay language, how the scientific principles can be translated into effective new treatments that help the brain recover lost function. You will find yourself cheering from the sidelines as you read these inspiring stories. Then you will go and buy a copy for everyone who works with your child.

This book is of equal interest to physicians, surgeons, therapists and educators of children with special needs. The emerging field of neuroplasticity is well grounded in hard science. The problem for health care providers is that much of this new knowledge contradicts what we were taught in school and by our peers. This is the nature of scientific revolutions, and this is a revolution in how we approach the rehabilitation of damage to the brain, spinal cord and/or peripheral nerves. Dr. Doidge has made this knowledge accessible for busy clinicians and we are all in his debt.

So many families have been told that brain damage is permanent and irreversible. They have been encouraged to accept reality and get on with life. Neuroplasticity research now demonstrates that change and improvement is possible throughout life. The young have even more possibility as their brains are still actively growing. Read some of the reviews of the book on Amazon and buy this book. Your outlook will be changed and your hope nurtured.


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